The Answer Winter-Streetball-Challenge 2010

Community Center and The Answer are introducing the first Winter-Streetball-Challenge in Vienna. It will take place indoor at Steigenteschgasse.

We will play 3on3, beginning with a group phase and proceeding in a K.O. system. We will play loser’s ball to keep the chances more equal.

You can register at or on the on the day of the tournament from 2 pm till 3 pm.

The winners of the tournament will receive 400 euro cash, which will be sponsored by and the Community Center Team.

The second place will be sponsored by Fitfabrik and will comprise 4x2 monthly ticket for their gym.

The third place will receive ECKO SHIRTS & einen COURT PACK, sponsored by THE ANSWER team.

Those who come to watch the games, but are not participating in the tournament, can take part in a 3 POINT SHOOTOUT and win a PSP, sponsored by

3 or 4 players are allowed on a team (that means you may have 1 substitute player).

The registration fee for each team will be 20 euro.

The tournament will officially start at 3 pm.

All participants (except for shoot out) have to be 16 or older since we are playing in an open class.

JOE DUGZ (Fm4) will be our host and DJ SKILLZ & MIKE KNIGHT from THE ANSWER will play the music to your game.

There will be a “Drink & Food Corner” where you can get some nourishment.

Looking forward for a great street-ball challenge with you,
Your Community Center Team

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